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The Process

The News and Magazine are both about 90 minutes duration. Together with InfoSound, the memory sticks are copied and dispatched every two weeks. We record the Magazine items on a Tuesday and the News items are recorded the following Tuesday so that we can dispatch on a Wednesday.

The memory stick is put into a mailing wallet and delivered by Royal Mail to the listener free of charge using the Articles for the Blind concession.

Our listeners then reverse the address label, post the wallet and memory stick back to us free of charge whereupon the memory sticks are unpacked, and the whole process starts again.

About 250 listeners receive the Southampton Talking Echo and 40 receive the Eastleigh Talking News. If you know anyone who would like to receive our Talking Newspaper, then click here to complete the form and submit this to us for application.

Our studio is located within Fairways House.

Memory sticks have a greater recording capacity, can be divided into tracks for easier navigation and copying is much faster. All the listener has to do is insert the memory stick into a playback speaker, sit back with a nice cup of tea and enjoy listening to local news and magazine articles.

Our Technology

In addition to receiving our recording on a memory stick, it can also be heard on a Sonata player, courtesy of the British Wireless for the Blind Fund, and on this website by clicking the link on the Home Page. Being on the Internet means that any device such as a smartphone or tablet can now receive our recordings.

Our service is totally free of charge and whilst we make no charge for the speaker boxes we provide to play our memory sticks, we would be delighted to receive a donation of not more than £20 to offset our costs if possible.  

Our studio  within Fairways House overlooking the River Itchen