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The Memory sticks we produce every two weeks contain the local news items, a Magazine Supplement and TNF Soundings -often up to 4 hours of recorded material.

News - is local and edited primarily from the Southern Daily Echo and Hampshire Chronicle web sites. In addition to local stories, we include a selection of 'Your Letters' a listing of local forthcoming events and a Sports Roundup.

Magazine Supplement - in contrast to the News, this includes articles from various publications, a recipe, gardening tips, a general knowledge quiz and local history stories.

TNF Soundings - produced by the Talking News Federation, this contains the latest information specifically for those living with sight loss.

USB sticks can be used in a variety of devices such as computers, music centres or playback speakers similar to that shown.

We can offer a playback speaker free of charge. Ask for more information when you contact us. There is an application form available here.

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