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About Us.

We are a very small registered charity run entirely by volunteers. For 42 years we have been providing a FREE AUDIO NEWSPAPER covering local news and magazine articles for blind and partially sighted people, mainly within the

Southampton, Romsey and Eastleigh areas.

We have over 60 volunteers who work as editors, sound engineers, readers, copiers and dispatchers.  We are able to provide a free service because we raise our own funds by producing recordings for other organisations and also through our annual flag day.  We are members of the Talking News Federation, an umbrella organisation which provides support and guidance to over 500 Talking News Papers throughout the UK.

Judy Goodlet

It’s many years since I was a volunteer reader for the Southampton Area Talking Echo, but am astonished how, when I’m out and about for BBC Radio Solent, people still come and chat to me about how grateful they were for my contribution.  It’s very humbling to realise what an important resource SATE is to the local community. Whatever your involvement, whether as a volunteer or as some-one who listens to, and enjoys the output, it’s a very special relationship and I hope that it is able to continue for many years to come. 

It’s a lot of hard work for those involved in the output and if you can support the amazing team of volunteers in anyway, please do!   Volunteers Page

Our aim… We do our best to provide a varied selection of local news and magazine items as possible and we know, from kind comments that we receive from our listeners, how much they look forward to each edition.